The STEAM Room

Welcome to The STEAM Room: A Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths (STEAM) comedy Experience!

Exploring Science through the Magic of Comedy

Created by Luke Steller from Praxical, The STEAM Room is all about getting scientists and comedians to work together to make science engagement fun! 

STEAM Room 2023

Partnering with Tom Stevenson and Ru Halwala from comedy duo Scary Strangers, The STEAM Room 2023 program trained 10 scientists to perform in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival, where they performed in front of  a crowd of 1,300 at the Enmore Theatre! 

Where has The STEAM Room performed?

Sydney Comedy Festival

The Comedy Store

Splendour in the Grass Science Tent

Australian Museum Jurassic Lounge

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Brisbane Comedy Festival

Sydney Comedy Festival

Why mix science and stand up comedy? 

For anyone who’s sat through a dry science classes in high school, it’s clear that scientists have a lot of room to improve when it comes to captivating an crowd. PhD researcher Luke Steller was on a mission to make science fun when he attended a comedy show and noticed how comedians are experts at capturing an audience’s attention. 

Partnering with comedians and artists, the STEAM Room is here to train scientists in comedy, empowering them to connect with the world. In a time where understanding the impacts of science can be a matter of life or death, The STEAM Room is here to explore scientific concepts through the magic of comedy. 

The STEAM Room in the Media

STEAM Room Comedy Training

As part of The STEAM Room program STEM researchers get the opportunity to completely reinvent their communication style with an 8 session program of mentoring and workshops from professional comedians and science communicators, including our science daddy, Dr Karl!

Watch  the video to see what amazing skills previous STEAM Room scientists got out of the program. 

If you want to know more about the show, how to get involved, or book our science comedians for your next performance, please contact us at

The STEAM Room is made possible with the generous support

from the Big Questions Institute.